I am getting this error : The fee payer SECONDARYONLY must have exactly 2 receivers

Unfortunately due to paypal restrictions, the marketplace is currently set up so that purchases can only be made from one shop at a time, otherwise you will receive this error. If you wish to buy from more than one shop please checkout for each shop. We are working on this and keeping in contact with paypal to confirm when this will no longer be an issue.

Why do you need to know my country?

Due to new VAT laws that came into force on the 1st Jan 2015 we need to know the country you live in for tax purposes. If you have any concerns please have a look at our Privacy Policy

How will I receive my downloads ?

Please have a look at our Download Information.

I have changed my mind and don’t want the downloads I just purchased. I wish to cancel the purchase

Digital downloads are given their own unique category under the Consumer Contracts Regulations and are therefore not services or goods.

Which sums up the section of Consumer Contracts and specifically Cancelling a Contract to buy as:

“If you want to download something within 14 days of buying it, you will have to give your consent to waive the 14 day cooling-off period.
If you don’t give your consent, the 14 day cooling-off period still applies but you won’t be able to download your digital content until this period has ended.
This is to prevent you from changing your mind after you have downloaded the content.”

When you purchase someone on CraftyDownloads you will be sent a link to download the product (or you can do it from the website) you have a 14 day period in which you can choose to not do this and be eligible for a refund.

Once the item is downloaded you cannot cancel the contract.

If you have downloaded the item already or it is more than 14 days since the purchase, it may be worth you contacting the designer direct as they may offer some goodwill and come to some arrangement with you. This is their choice.

I want an refund as the download is not as stated/faulty/not fit for purpose

Which state the following with regards to refunds :

The Consumer Rights Act defines digital content as ‘data which are produced and supplied in digital form.’
This means you have rights for anything you download or stream – including apps, music, movies, games or ebooks.
Digital content must be:
o of satisfactory quality
o fit for a particular purpose
o as described by the seller
If your digital content does not conform to these criteria and develops a fault, you have the right to have your digital product repaired or replaced.
Repair or replacement
The retailer has one opportunity to repair or replace any goods or digital content which are of unsatisfactory quality, unfit for purpose or not as described, before you can claim a refund.
You can choose whether you want the goods to be repaired or replaced.
But the retailer can refuse if they can show that your choice is disproportionately expensive compared to the alternative.
You’re entitled to a full or partial refund instead of a repair or replacement if any of the following are true:
o the cost of the repair or replacement is disproportionate to the value of the digital content
o a repair or replacement is impossible
o a repair or replacement would be significantly inconvenient
o the repair would take unreasonably long
o the repair has been unsuccessful
If the attempt at a repair or replacement is unsuccessful, you can then claim a refund or a price reduction if you wish to keep the product.
If you don’t want a refund and still want your product repaired or replaced, you have the right to request the retailer makes further attempts at a repair or replacement.”

Crafty Downloads is a venue for sellers to sell their downloads. Once you have purchased from Crafty Downloads it is deemed that we have passed the contract over to the designer ie. it is their responsibility to deal with any quality issues. Please contact them in the first instance (you can find an email form on their page (which you can get to by clicking on their shop name)). If you are unable to come to a resolution with the designer please Contact Us and we will aim to resolve the issue.

If you have a burning question that is not covered here then please do Contact Us and we will address your concerns/questions.