I’m interested in Selling on Crafty Downloads – how much will it cost?

There are currently no fees for becoming a vendor or uploading products to Crafty Downloads. This may be subject to change (although there are no plans to change this), however if you are a registered vendor you will be notified well in advance of any planned amendments to this.

You will be charged 10% (of the selling price excluding tax)

Do I need to worry about EU VAT or any other tax

Regarding EU VAT we have taken the decision to sell to specific countries only. These are the UK, Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand so no EU vat will apply.

You will need to pay any income tax due on your earnings.

How do I upload a product ?

Please see How to Upload a Product

The Category / Product Tags I need are not there.

Please email us letting me know what you need added and I can add this in.
If you have a burning question that is not covered here then please do Contact Us